Synergy Fabrications - NEXTEL!!! ahhh what a nightmare

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i have had nextel now for 8 years.Their service use to not be so bad....

but now if i call some one chances are my call is going to be dropped. when i beep some one .... they dont have services....or vice versa i dont! then to top it all of when you go into one of their stores (palatka) to get your phone serviced, you have to stand in like for 1 1/2 hours just to have someone speak with you.

Even though there are 2 other workers in the back of the office. But i forgot their job is to sit around and listen to music!! When nextel first came out it was great, something new. instead of always having to call someone you could just beep them.

now there is no point in having them and paying rediculous prices when i dont get service anyways...also i dont know how other phone companies are with their phones...but i have the "most durable" phone that nextel makes. well i have had 5 so far this year....with problems ranging from my screen to springs being broken, buttons you name it! i do have insurance but they just turn around and give me a refurb. what is the point when they are going to give me another piece of ***?

so pretty much me and my company are over nextel!!!switchin to sprint...maybe we will have some better luck with them-------

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